Health update

This is an update about my health, if you’re here for something else, like my software or other projects, feel free to skip this post, otherwise you can click the read more link below.

This is a friend typing for Cody: The draining of the pericardial effusion (fluid around my heart) got pushed back yesterday into this morning. They drained about 700ml of something that looked like fruit punch. Went well, hurt a bit but that was normal. I can hit about 1500 on the inspiration spirometer (a device used to exercise lungs and measure capacity). Feeling okay, but just resting a lot and should be starting Round 2 of chemo around 6pm today. Other than that I’ve been eating okay, I seem to like potatoes. This round of chemo should last 6 days, but it’s not too uncommon to end it kind of early. I was concerned because my platelet count bounced back so quickly that the leukemia blast cells could be bouncing back quickly too, but they checked and they’re very low still. They’ll keep a close eye on my heart to watch for any more fluid building up but it doesn’t seem too likely because it wasn’t growing before. That’s it for now, if you have any questions leave them in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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