Skittishness, inimitability, and an insatiable inquisitiveness have shaped my life, from my earliest memories.

I received a B.Sc. in math-physics in 2007, followed by four years as an R&D technician and software engineer, after which I chose to veer off the tangent path to pursue something elusive.

In the intervening four years I captured, created, and manipulated a formidable number of images, and I continue to enjoy taking & making photos of fungi, flowers, fireworks, fractals, and thin-film interference (among other subjects — examples in the circular links at the bottom of the page — instagram, facebook, tumblr).

Drawing upon nature, science, mathematics, philosophy, and aesthetics for inspiration, my chief foci are app development, 3D printed objects, & curved-crease origami — I like to describe my work as that of an algorist & voxel sculptor.

I strongly self-identify as a scientist & naturalist (atheist), secular & scientific humanist, dysteleological physicalist, and psychonaut.

looking right

I am thirty-four thirty-six years old, my genome contains both X and Y chromosomes, and I reside at 42°54’22” N (±44″) 71°17’50” W (±4′)
(roughly the middle of southern NH).

|ψ⟩ = 1/√2(|↑↓⟩ – |↓↑⟩)

Criticisms are invited — thanks for visiting!

-Cody Reisdorf