the Snub Cube (ish) Arachnehedron

arachne- snub cube(ish)

So this arachnehedron is based on the snub cube (sort of; more of an isosceles cube tiling than a regular tiling). Unlike all the previous shapes the “spike” in this shape is asymmetrical. Each five sided spike has four “spokes” that connect to an underlying “hub” and a fifth spoke that runs through the object and connects back to another “through spoke”.

the snub cube(ish) (but with isosceles tiling in green) is the basis shape

The hubs are also unlike other arachnehedrons, with each spoke twisting as it enters the spoke and the hub itself being pointy.

it has order 4 (red), order 3 (orange) and order 2 (orange & green) rotational symmetry

the “through spokes” twist around one another

this is the single piece that is tiled 24 times to make the whole object

the “through spokes” (yellow) seen from the inside twisting around one another

the through spokes (yellow orange & green) and the 4-spoke hubs (blue cyan violet & magenta)

the yellow “through spokes” connecting adjacent spikes

The spokes that run through the object also make an 8th turn twist so that when they connect to a neighboring spoke the “width” and “height” dimensions have been swapped.