One Day Left!

This is a post about my ongoing health issues, if you’d rather skip it, feel free, otherwise click the read more link below.

One more day of round 2 of chemotherapy! Then we’ll probably wait about a week before getting a third biopsy to see how that last 5% of the leukemia blast cells have responded to the drugs. Ideally they’ll be completely wiped out and I’ll just have to wait for my ANC (a measure of my sort of “first line” of immune defense) to rebound to 500 so that it’s safe for me to go out side again.

Today they put a three lumen PICC in my right arm and removed the two lumen PICC from my left arm (they’re really a heavy duty IV connection, that dumps the chemo drugs close to my heart so they get spread out quickly, versus damaging the veins if they dumped them straight into a normal IV).

I’m also going to start TPN for nutrition. I don’t really know what TPN stands for but it means I’ll be fed through my PICC line instead of my weak appetite, which should let me guts calm down (though that might take a few weeks). 

Amy the LNA (licensed nurse assistant) took me on a half hour tour of the hospital, including some time outside, which was really nice. It is a little chilly outside but this is the first time I’ve been outside in about three weeks, so that was really nice. 

I was delaying updating my app because it felt like the remaining things were pretty complicated, but last night I realized I had already implemented it in another program so it should just be a matter of copying it over really. Something I would imagine I should complete tonight. It won’t fix all the problems but it might fix some of the major problems.

Thats about all for now,



  1. Kirsten March 17, 2016

    So cool that you got outside! Something we take for granted everyday! Fresh air is always good! My mom says she is so happy you are doing better everyday and loves your updates! Keep moving forward and hoping for 0% and good numbers for your immune system! We love you and sending big hugs from Cali!

  2. Lara March 17, 2016

    Hey Cody glad you got to go outside! Must’ve been so nice! The TPN is just another route to get you certain nutrients your body needs without going through the digestive tract… Which is the parenteral part. The rest is total and nutrition but it lets all your insides take a break but still getting you what you need. should get it all straightened out soon….. So now you have to make a list of all the yummy places you want to go to when you get out of there to make up for lost eating!

    • cody March 17, 2016

      Thanks Lara! it was really nice to go out side and its good to hear what TPN stands for. Seems like every other commercial on TV is about food!

  3. Lara March 17, 2016

    Oh and I forgot, I like Prisme …that’s my first choice but I also like prismatik cause it makes me think of prismagic/prismagik , cause you are doing magical things to the photos…. Oh gosh do I sound like I am coming right off of Disney movie?!

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