One More Day Until the Biopsy

This is a post about my health, if you’d rather skip it, feel free, otherwise you can click the read more link below.So tomorrow is the biopsy the results probably won’t come until Thursday or Friday, at which point we’ll see if I’m in for another round or whether I’ll get a brief respite from hospital life. Obviously I’m rooting for the latter. 

Today my mother is coming to visit, I figured I’d go for a walk around the ward with her. I’ve been wearing compression socks in anticipation of the walk. I’m not crazy excited to walk right now, after fainting the last time, but my hemoglobin is up and with the socks maybe it’s go more smoothly. 

I asked the palliative care team for puzzles to pass the time. I’ve gone back to reading Fast Food Nation, and my general outlook is probably a little bit improved from where it was a few days ago.

That’s about all there is to say for now, I’ll let you know how the biopsy goes tomorrow and the results as soon as I have them,


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  1. Lara March 23, 2016

    Hey Cody… Sorry to hear that your walk the other day didn’t go quite as planned… That must have been really scary and frustrating. How did you do today with your mom? I see you got the box that Kirt sent! Something for you to tinker with! I am anxious to hear how the biopsy goes tomorrow although I know you won’t get the results for a couple days at least it will be in progress.. Keep your spirits up as best as you can… I wish there was something else to say or do to help get you through the rough patches, but just know we are here thinking about you every day and sending positive vibes your way. Much love and many hugs from my boys too!

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