Clear Liquids!

This is an update about my health, so click the read more link below if you want to know more, otherwise feel free to skip it.

So even though my ANC is still too small to count, and I was told my gut inflammation wouldn’t really resolve until my ANC returned to something healthy (~500 or greater), they decided I could have clear liquids for now! So I’m sipping a little ice water now, I guess for lunch I’ll try some chicken broth, which sounds a little weird to me.

I didn’t update yesterday, I think I’m going to switch to updating every other day, as there isn’t usually a lot of news. Yesterday I went for two walks, each 10 laps around the ward, for a total of a half mile I guess. But my heart was really racing at the end of the second walk, they just gave me another blood transfusion so I think my hemoglobin would have been really low yesterday, and that would contribute to the racing heart.

The nurse said I’m at day 20 of the second round, and that most patients see rebounding in their immune systems around days 22-28, so any day now would be good.

For Easter they let me have a peppermint, which was nice, I mean, in the most mundane way imaginagable. But nicer than nothing.

That’s pretty much all for now, thanks for reading,



  1. Lara April 2, 2016

    Hi Cody…. Thanks for all the updates and we want you to know that we are always thinking of you even if we are not in touch every day…. I am soooo glad you get to move on to clear liquids and start getting your gut back to normal. How has it been going so far? I bet ice chips never tasted so good! I hope your energy has been getting better too… My mom says hi and sends thoughts your way too. Happy April!

    • cody April 3, 2016

      I’ve been upgraded to a soft mechanical diet, so I had some scrambled eggs this morning and yeah, it’s really great to start eating again! And I have been feeling more energetic, I guess that happens a lot as the immune system returns. Thanks for all the warm thoughts!

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