Back at Home for a Few Weeks

I got back home again last night, and am doing well. Feeling plenty strong still, though sometime this following week my blood counts (ANC, hemoglobin, white blood cells, and platelets), will probably fall pretty far, I might need a few tranfusions at points, but that should be fairly routine. 

The chemotheraphy didn't seem all that bad, I've still got some itching, but my biggest complaint is probably that I need to use these eyedrops for the next day that leave a bad taste in my mouth. I lucked out and had a stuffy nose most of the week which actually prevented the bad taste.

In about four to six weeks (depending on how I recover I think), I'll do another one of these, and then hopefully be able to find a transplant match and move on to that step. One thing at a time though.

This hospital stay was so much easier, I'm sure in part because I knew I was going in in the first place, and I knew I was leaving, so I could prepare for the whole thing. I was labelled a fall risk again (because of my past history of passing out last time), but the doctor gave me an exemption and they let me walk alone all over the place, including outside the ward and the hospital, when accompanied by friends. That was nice, we ended up walking about 3 miles a day that way.

But obviously it's much nicer to be home, sleep in my own bed. No tubes in my arm. 

I guess that's all for now.

Thanks for reading!


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