Labor Day Weekend

Another few weeks have passed, mostly without anything significant happening, except they asked me to go in for another blood count like a week ago and my white blood cell count had dropped pretty dramatically, down below 500, meaning I was neutropenic again. I found it concerning and so did the doctors, so they did another bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday, and on Friday told me they weren’t seeing signs of the leukemia (which was sort of the only possibility I really thought about it; seemed likely it had grown back and was crowding out healthy cells again). It’s weird reading back through all that, it seems like it was going much slower. If it had been the leukemia returning, I would have done another round of induction chemotherapy and then they would have moved me into the transplant process right afterwards.

So it was good it wasn’t the leukemia, though it still isn’t clear what is going on. The doctor said it could be a virus or other infection, and when my body overcomes it the ANC would bounce back, so they’re going to track me for a couple weeks and do another bone marrow biopsy if I don’t get better in that time. By Wednesday my ANC had dropped further, so I’m back to taking an antibotic and antifungal, and avoiding public, and crowds, and kids. In some ways it didn’t concern me much because it seems like wiping out my immune system entirely is the next step anyway, and this would sort of be a head start. 

They started scheduling appointments for a transplant in Boston, but that’ll probably be pushed back some dependingo on whether I return to normal soon or not. My red blood cell count ticked up slightly, so that’s also good news. But it’s still really low, and I get light headed a lot standing up. 

So I think it’ll be an uneventful Labor Day Weekend for me. But so far it’s been really nice out. And Stefan and Justine both visited which was nice. 

I started playing with twisty puzzles again, a few my cousin Kirsten sent me that I did solve but tend to mess up while soving a lot of the time. Or can’t reliably solve particular problems on them. I’m actually messing something up right now where I can’t quite solve it. And normally I figure these things out on a normal Rubik’s cube, which I have somewhere still, but seemed to have misplaced. Which is mostly annoying because there aren’t really a whole lot of places to look. Seems like I should have seen it by now.

Anyway, the transplant process is still moving forward, I should know in another week or two when exactly. I’ll try to keep this a bit more up to date as things are happening, if I can.

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