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So I haven’t written any updates in a quite a while again. Things have been going well. I had my first therapeutic phlebotomy (blood letting!) a couple weeks ago and it went fine, turns out they take about 500 mL, and they’ll keep doing that monthly as long as I am healthy and iron levels remain high. The actual procedure only took maybe 10 minutes, but then there was some waiting before and after, mostly to make sure I felt okay. 

They also made an appointment for me to get an IVIg (intravenous immunoglobulin) infusion in another few weeks. I guess immunoglobulin is the antibody our immune systems use to attack invaders, and it’s pretty common for post-transplant patients to have low levels, so this is all still pretty routine. 

They started giving me vaccinations too, which they had told me I would need eventually, around 6 months post transplant (which is about where I am). 

Otherwise things seem to be proceeding about as well as can be expected. They’ve been reducing the immunosuppressants and I’m on pretty low levels now. I think I’ve had very minor signs of graft-vs-host, some rashes on the backs of my hands that come and go over the course of a few days. Last fall, before the transplant, I was watching videos and reading about the process, and many patients mentioned how some small signs of GvHD are encouraging because it means the new immune system is working, and there is even a graft-vs-tumor effect whereby the grafted immune system can attack any leukemia cells that remained. 

The one minor weak point is that I still haven’t gained any weight, but my appetite is pretty much back to normal, I just need to focus more on eating more constantly. Small meals still but more frequent.

Outside of health issues, I renewed my drivers license finally! And I’ve been working on modeling polyhedra of all sorts, and getting many more models printed. Right now I have some earrings and pendant designs being made, hopefully this iteration is nice enough that I can start making them for sale!

These are some of the objects I’ve been working on: stellated polyhedra derivativespolyhedra addiction, and crisscrossed tetrahedron

I also started working on a game involving hyperbolic geometry, but I quickly realized I didn’t know enough of the geometry to make what I needed, so I have to go back and learn a lot more before I can return to that.

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