concentric square earrings

I ordered a 3D scanner recently, and it arrived today, so I began scanning things. I mainly plan to use it to aid in the production of curved-crease origami, or the modeling of the result of that origami, to be used in jewelry. But I started with a larger origami piece which consists of concentric squares.

The results weren’t great, but in the case of the squares they were good enough to make a decent model right away, which I immediately turned into an earring design I’m going to try making in copper. I might try high detailed stainless steel too. I suppose I should consider silver & gold and the rest of the materials as well.

concentric squares

Next I was trying to capture this pink thing made of ovals etched in construction paper. So far the results have been largely jumbled, but some of it does show up. I might try scanning it several times and combining the results, that can help improve resolution. Either way though I’ll try folding much larger ones in the future, specifically to make them more friendly to the scanning process.