Prepare to Pounce

Your body produces approximately your entire body weight in adenosine triphosphate every day. Alhough the body only contains about 250 grams on average, ATP is constantly being recycled in a loop, being broken down in metabolic processes and reassembled by your mitochondria.

This pendant began as a sort of Sierpinski tetrahedron, with a stylized “stepping” facade, and that thing was spherically inverted, but the result had too great a range of large & fine details (a common problem with inversions), so it had to be cut into two individual objects to make either one printable. The other object (which was larger and encircled this one) is also available as a pendant.

In the photos it’s shown with a jump ring & chain which are not included.

It was manufactured by i.materialise where it can be purchased in a variety of materials.