Sitting, Waiting

This is an update about my health, if you want to skip it, no problem, otherwise click the read more link below.

Since round two of chemotherapy is done, it’s now a waiting game for Wednesday March 23rd, when they’ll do another biopsy to determine how effective the second round was. Ideally there will be no leukemia cells and I’ll just have to wait around until my ANC returns to 500 or greater to go home. Otherwise I assume I’ll do a third round to try to wipe out whatever remains, and restart this process of waiting for the next biopsy.

I had a few visitors today, one was an old friend who I probably haven’t seen for more then five minutes at a time since high school. So it was nice to catch up on a lot of things. I went for a walk with some nurses that churned out about seven laps, and have been listening to Steven Pinker’s History of Violence on audiobook since.

I should try to work out the last few kinks in trippygram and update it one last time and put it on the “back burner” for now.

Other than that not much happening I don’t think.

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