I Skipped a Day

This is a post about my ongoing health issues, if you don’t want to read about that, feel free to skip this post, otherwise you can click the read more link below.So I didn’t update yesterday, not a lot of news anyway, I had a lot of visitors, including one I hadn’t seen in many years. A few from NYC, who’ll be back some time today probably. 

But other than that it’s mostly a waiting game, I wait until day 13, this coming Wednesday, when they do another biopsy to determine just how effective the second round of chemotherapy was. If it looks good then I wait around until my ANC returns to about 500 and I can finally go home. Which would be really nice. Otherwise I imagine I do yet another round of chemotherapy, and the process starts over. It’d be nice if this was the last one because they don’t expect my typhlitis — which is an inflamed gut, and the reason I can’t eat, to heal until my ANC is back around 500.

I think I might try to go for a walk now because the doctor last night seemed to think that was my only real course of action against the inflamed guts. It’s all such an ordeal I really cannot wait for it to be over.

That’s probably all for now, hope everyone is taking care of themselves and taking care of each other,



  1. Kirsten March 20, 2016

    Keep getting better! Walk to stay strong and fight this hard! We love you and want you to get back to your home so you can carry on with your life! This is merely just a bump in the road! Hugs from Cali!

  2. Lara March 20, 2016

    Cody this has got to be so frustrating for you …. None of us can even begin to understand all that you are feeling and dealing with…. I wish there was something else we could do…. I am glad you are having visitors and getting out for walks… Every step is progress. Stay positive and I know that yor results will be where we need them to be. Much love to you

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