Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

This is an update about my health, if you’d like to skip it feel free to do so, otherwise you can click the read more link below.

I had another syncopal (e.g. fainting) episode yesterday, while we were preparing to go for a walk. We were standing around while the nurses tried to fix my pumps up right, when I began to feel light headed and made a beeline for the wheel chair they were prepared to wheel me around the hospital after the walk. Instead I fainted and they carried me back to bed, checked my heart and other things and decided I’m probably just intolerant of low hemoglobin levels. 

So I’m a bit weary of walking now but still looking forward to Wednesday/Thursday/Friday when they’ll do another bone marrow biopsy and I’ll get to see if these other ailments which won’t heal until my ANC returns to normal will be on their way to healing or not.

Kinda scatterbrained right now,


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