Biopsy Day

This is a post about my health, feel free to skip it or click the read more link below.So today was day 13 following my “re-induction”, which was the second round of chemotherapy. The doctor assured me she got a good sample and I should hear the results tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday. 

I received a care package from my cousin Kirsten & her family, which included some twisty puzzles (like Rubik’s cube), a few of which I’ve never encountered before and are proving to be incredibly challenging. Seems likely that no matter how long I stay here the puzzles will occupy all my remaining time if I let them (which I will).

That’s about all I have to say for now,


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  1. Lara March 24, 2016

    Hey Cody
    So I thought you would have gotten through those puzzles by now?! We all remember how you flew through the Rubik’s cube in like 30 seconds or something crazy like that!
    I’m glad the biopsy is in and anxiously awaiting the news… Positive energy being sent your way too…

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