Good News Everyone!

This is a post about my health, if you want to skip it, feel free otherwise you can click the read more link below.
So I got the biopsy results yesterday and they were great — no sign of leukemia in my marrow — I meant to post this yesterday but the computer got very slow and I wasn’t feeling very well. I don’t really feel great today either, besides the wonderful news, but I feel like resting a bit.

Now it’s a week or two of waiting before my ANC (i.e. immune system) returns to an acceptable minimum, that should help resolve the typhlitis which has kept me from eating or drinking anything for weeks now. (Or at least it feels like weeks.)

For now the most important thing is for me to walk, as often as I can. Which sucks cause they keep me up all night, so maybe I need to go for night walks.

That’s all for now



  1. Kirsten March 26, 2016

    Such awesome news! Sorry you still can’t eat, can’t imagine. Hopefully soon your immune system will kick into gear and you can go home! Keep up your strength and walk around! I wonder why it keeps you up at night?
    Love you and keep getting better!

  2. Lara March 28, 2016

    Good news Cody! So glad to hear! Keep up the walking! And this is to Kirty’s last post, the walks don’t keep him up, the nursing staff does!

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