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As is routine by now, this is a post about my health, skip it if you want or click to read more link below.So there isn’t a whole lot to write about today, I’m told that regular walking is the most important thing for me to do and I’ve been for walks a few times with my mom now, two yesterday and one so far today. She just left. 

I cannot wait until I can eat and drink again, that and full control over my bowels are easily the two huge changes I can’t wait for. 

I’m not actually feeling all that well, I’ve been plagued by minor headaches for the last few days, possibly a side effect of some heart medication I’m on that helps me retain more salt. And I’m on a drug called Neupogen now, which should help my white blood cells bounce back faster, so hopefully I can go home real soon.

Besides walking I’m hoping to shower today, not sure where this is too much information but its been quite a while, and I reek pretty badly I think.

That’s probably about all for now.


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  1. Lara March 28, 2016

    Hey Cody, never too much info as I think we are all curious about how things are going and even if you are able to shower…. Eating, poopi and showering are a major thing we all take for granted every single day and to have all that out of your control has to be so frustrating and strange… But I guess to get to the end result of all this, unfortunately it’s got to have so crappy(sorry) side effects… Headaches are the worst too but hopefully they are able to give you something to help with those. I know you probably don’t feel like one but you are a true hero for all that you are enduring and getting through this. Keep pushing forward.

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