Happy Easter!

This is an update about my health, please skip it if you like, or click the read more link below.Not much to report really, except I’ve realized that the Cytarabine is still doing it’s job, still keeping my counts down. I received a platelet and blood transfusions this morning because the chemotherapy is still taking effect.

I was basing my estimate of a week or two on how quickly my platelets and ANC seemed to rebound after the first round of chemotherapy, but that was different kinds of drugs, and so who really  knows how long it’ll take this time.

That said, the doctors seemed confident it wouldn’t be long, and part of my specific problem, (inversion on chromosome 3) seemed to play a role in my quickly recovering platelet count last time, according to the doctors.

That’s all there is to say today,



  1. Kirsten March 28, 2016

    Happy Easter Cody! Sounds like you are in the way to a great recovery! Hang in there! Hopefully you are up and walking more to gain some strength back!
    Thanks for updating!
    Love you!

  2. Lara March 28, 2016

    Happy Easter! So do they let you color Easter eggs while you are there? Are you still Getting any massage and music therapy that they offer? We are all keeping our fingers crossed that everything will start to bounce back quickly and help get you home faster. Have you been able to get outside on any of your walks?

    • cody March 30, 2016

      I haven’t walked outside but I was wheeled out once a few weeks ago, in a chair. We didn’t color any eggs, but they let me eat a peppermint on Easter, which was more monumentous than you would expect. A nurse told me this morning that I’m at day 20 and that typically patients in my position start to get their immune systems back around days 22-28, so sometime soon hopefully!

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