ANC 500!

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So this morning my ANC is 500! So I think I’ll probably get to leave in the next few days! Finally! They still want to make sure my transition to solid foods goes okay, but so far it’s been good, so here’s hoping it stays on that trend. They also want to make sure my platelets and hemoglobin and other blood products are trending upwards and towards normal — I guess platelets are the last to return, and I got a platelet transfusion yesterday after a nosebleed, which was no fun. So at the moment what my platelets are doing is a little unclear. It was 9 yesterday morning and 36 this morning, they’ll probably want a few days without a transfusion to make sure I’m producing my own and it’s returned to a safe level, (which I think is pretty low, above 10 maybe even).

I’m feeling more energetic, which I guess is pretty typical as the immune system returns. My bowels are more normal, and I’ve been upgraded first to a clear liquids diet, then an all liquid diet, and now a “mechanically soft” diet, which includes things like mashed potatoes and eggs. Next up will be full solid food, but they don’t want to rush it. 

So close!



  1. Kirsten April 3, 2016

    That is awesome news! I bet the food tastes so good! You are headed in the right direction! Glad to hear you have more energy too!
    Thanks for keeping us posted!
    We love you!

    • cody April 4, 2016

      Love you too!

  2. Lara April 4, 2016

    Such great news Cody! You are so close and it is good to see the progression in the right direction! We will be anxiously waiting to hear the news that you can go home!

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