I Might Be Going Home Tomorrow!

This is an update about my health, click the link below to read more, or skip it if you’d like.
So my ANC is at 630 today, and they’re taking me off TPN at 6 tonight. I ate real food for lunch (it tasted pretty good, but was pretty misleading from how it was described). My hemoglobin went from 8.1 yesterday to 8 today, and my platelets went from 36 to 29, two days ago my platelets were at 9 and then I had a nosebleed so they gave me a platelet transfusion, the fact that it hasn’t dropped much is good. And if my numbers tomorrow look like they’re still doing okay, or trending upwards, then I think I should be able to head home!

They also want to make sure I’m handling solid food okay, but I seem to be, so that’s not really a concern I don’t think (neither are the above numbers though I don’t think).

If not tomorrow then I think Wednesday will probably be my last day at the latest.

I got here on February 18th, so this is my 46th day here, hopefully day 47 will be it!



  1. Lara April 5, 2016

    Oh my gosh Cody so happy to hear all these positive results! And real food! Sounds like everything is looking amazing! How is your energy level? Any more light headed moments or are those gone too with the platelet trsnsfusion? 46 days is a long time to be confined and cooped up, but all for a good reason to help get you back to yourself. It will feel so good to be home…..lots of hugs to you

  2. Kirsten April 5, 2016

    That’s awesome Cody! Keep heading in the right direction! Hugs for you from the west coast!

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