Not Today

This post is about my health, if that’s why you’re here, click the read more link below; if that doesn’t interest you, please skip it. Thanks!

So I don’t get to go home today, my ANC this morning was 280. That in itself isn’t too concerning, it’s a statistical measure and variation is expected. My platelets and hemoglobin seem to be holding so that’s looking good, and the ANC seems to be rising in any case (remember a few days ago it was zero).

The doctors are also watching my liver enzyme numbers, though they didn’t give me an actual number to watch. They said it has risen quite a bit, and they want to make sure that it levels off or starts to fall. I guess this happened once before and they didn’t tell me, because they weren’t that concerned about it. They mentioned there were a lot of reasons it could rise so much, might have been related to the TPN (the foodish stuff I was getting intraveneously), or it might be related to the many medications and antibiotics I’m on. 

So maybe I can head home tomorrow, day 48. Or maybe I’ll be a few more days than that even. In any case I shouldn’t be here much longer and that’s enough for me!


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