The Second Followup

This is a post about my health, so feel free to skip it if you're not interested. Thanks.

Had a follow up today, they actually didn't get a chance to review my blood work because it wasn't ready yet (they only draw it when I get there), but said they would call if there was anything concerning, and they didn't expect anything concerning. My liver and kidneys looked good I guess though. I thought this was going to be for a biopsy, but it turns out that's on Wednesday, early in the morning.

They also updated me on the donor search (which they told me they would, I totally forgot about that), apparently they didn't find a donor in the US (or North America maybe?), and they don't really expect to find one, so they're going to look in Europe now. If they don't find one they might try a partial match transplant, but apparently that isn't done at Dartmouth Hitchcock, they would have a Boston hospital do it.

And next Monday I go back in for 5-6 days for “consolidation” chemotherapy — I don't know why they call it that, or why they do it this way, my guess is they've found this is the best way to combat leukemia.

Other than that I've been feeling pretty good, seeing friends, getting stronger. Though last night (Sunday) I started getting a scratch in the back of my throat that was getting worse all night and into this morning, but it seems to feel a lot better, almost be gone, now, so maybe it was an allergic reaction to the horseradish on the sandwich I ate for dinner, or something else I ate. At least that's my hope. The doctors didn't seem too worried about it, but if I do get sick it could push back the consolidation.

That's all there is for now, I'll update again after I hear the biopsy results, thanks for following along,



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    Lara April 22, 2016

    Hey Cody
    I can’t believe they didn’t find a match! That’s crazy! But there is a match out there somewhere for sure, they will find it. That’s weird about your throat feeling bad and then going away but it’s good it’s feeling better. Sounds like you’re learning more than you ever thought you would about the leukemia and the treatments and it sounds like you are always in good hands. Glad you are getting stronger and I hope this next treatment goes smooth and you get in and out of there! Hugs to you!

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    Kevin April 23, 2016

    I resigned up for the bone marrow donation list. Not sure if it will help. It will probably be a few weeks until I’m in the system.

    I hope they are able to find you a donor.

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