Little to Report

This post is about my health, if you’re here for another reason, feel free to skip it.

I’ve been doing pretty well being home, but Monday I’ll go back in for the first round of “consolidation” chemotherapy, which they say will last five or six days, and after which I’ll be able to go home. There is a second round of consolidation, they said there would be four or five weeks in between the two, but I think that probably depends on how quickly I recover.

I had a bone marrow biopsy performed yesterday (Wednesday), but I won’t get the results for a few days, maybe a week I think they said.

So, not much to say at the moment. I’ll update again probably Monday, or when I hear the results of the biopsy, if that’s sooner. At least this time I can prepare for my hospital visit!



  1. Lara April 22, 2016

    Hey Cody
    Glad you are still doing well and hopefully back to eating pretty normal now? Try to enjoy your weekend before you go back in and I’m sure you will be in and out after the 5-6 days…
    Hugs to you

  2. Diana Brown April 23, 2016

    Hi Cody!
    My name is Diana and your Mom and I share a mutual friend. Her name is Brenda O’Hearn Willis. She was the one who shared with me your story and gave me your Moms phone number. Your Mom and I actually just got done speaking. Your Mom is lovely.
    I know what you are going through. My 37 year old son Chris Brown was diagnosed with AML last June. His doctor is also Dr. Lowrey!
    I just want to let you know that I will be thinking of you and praying for your speedy recovery and that a transplant donor will be found for you!
    Chris went through a transplant last October. He is doing really well. You can check out his fb page. He does not have a blog. He has posted things about his treatment and also the Prouty that is coming up in July for the hospital. There is also an article in the Sunday Valley News paper dated June 12th 2015. Take a peek if you wish.
    Just know that I will continue to send good thoughts your way! Best of luck next week…I’ll be thinking of you!

    • cody April 25, 2016

      Hi Diana, nice to meet you!

      I’m glad to hear your son is doing well, and I hope I can join him in recovery soon!

      Thanks for the kind thoughts!

  3. Marla April 25, 2016

    Any new updates?

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