Fetal Transplantation Technology on the Horizon

Doctors Will Soon be Able to Transplant Pregnancies From Mother to Father

Research Into the Reproductive cycles of Seahorses has Led Scientists to Discoveries that will Soon Enable Doctors to Transplant a Pregnant Mother’s Womb into Other People, Including Men

Marine biologists have long known that following mating, male seahorses take the fertilized eggs from the female and hold them in a pouch on their bellies—between 9 and 45 days later the fathers will give birth to as many as 1,500 living offspring—but until recently the details of how the males were able to accomplish this biological feat of magic remained a mystery to scientists.

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That discovery led pharmaceutical giant Roritor Pharmaceuticals to isolating the protein markers which under normal circumstances would have led to rejection of a uterus transplant (and thereby endangering the fetus). A small trial which began nearly nine months ago is now nearing competition, with very promising results. 

“I think it’s fantastic” said anti-abortion activist, [need a funny name; & a funnier term, not proponent, not activist…] of [some silly fake anti-abortion group], “now we can pass laws stating that if the mother doesn’t want the pregnancy, the father has to have it” he told [fake news name]. “We can finally end this holocaust of unborn children [need better silly description here] for once and for all.”

Resources for writing this:

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    • So I can reference the real articles to make it seem more plausible!
  • this Quora answer mentioning studies of mouse eggs implanting well everywhere except the uterus. She even provided references!
    • References for the mouse implantation studies:

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  • I also was thinking we should encourage IVF users to donate their unused fertilized eggs to pro-lfie groups to gestate. At the very least we could probably bankrupt such groups with refrigeration costs or force them to turn down “kids”(!)

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