Half Way Through Round 2

This is an update about my health, if you’re here about my software or something else and don’t want to read about my health, feel free to skip this. Otherwise you can click the read more link and continue on, thanks!

Cody speaking again — happy to report I’m feeling much less exhausted than I was the last two days!

I’m half way through this second round of chemotherapy, which means I have six bags of Cytarabine down, and six bags remaining. No fevers last night, and with the help of a couple sleep aids I actually managed to get I think a few hours of sleep more than once. 

Been having some trouble with my bowels which became concerning because it started to look a bit like an infection called C.Diff, which is apparently just very difficult to control and kill — even the alcohol sanitizer everyone uses doesn’t kill the spores, instead they need to either bleach things, or wash them off with soap and water. But luckily they sent away a sample and it came back negative, so it must just be a side effect of the chemo, which is a relief (though still disgusting).

It’s snowing outside, quite a bit, enough to stick to the hedges and blanket the grass lightly. Seemed like spring weather yesterday, but that’s pretty typical of New England.

They’re going to do another echocardiogram to see if the fluid around my heart has re-accummulated or not, I don’t expect them to see anything different because I still feel pretty good. 

Now that I’m up at the computer I really need to get to updating my app, which I had been working on for a month before all this. One major decision I really should make sooner rather than later is whether or not to change the name of the app. Though its not like it’s all that popular at the moment, still.

Right now it’s called trippygram, but these were other names that were either suggested or I thought of:

  • tripstagram
  • tripstamatic
  • triptify
  • prismy
  • spectrofy
  • prismatick
  • prisme
  • prismmy
  • prismmie
  • brilliance
  • brilliancy ***
  • brilliancies (plural of brilliance)
  • effulgent, effulgence, refulgent, refulgence (all ugly words)

Anyway, I can work on finishing the updates without worrying about the renaming of it yet. But if anyone reading has any opinions on the name, please lemme know!

Over and out


  1. Collin March 15, 2016

    I like Prisme, and Brilliance.

    Nicky mention a portmanteau might be good for this kind of app, so I thought of Prismagraph too. It’s not really out there except one artist from Israel in the 80s that was making lenticular prints.

  2. Kirsten March 15, 2016

    Hey Cody! Glad you are feeling better and getting more sleep! I am glad you are back to writing and keeping us all updated and working on your app! Ir was super nice of your friend to keep us updated! Tell him thanks! My picks would be spectrofy or brilliance!
    Hugs from so. Cal!

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