All Done Round 2!

This is a post about my health, if that interests you, hit the read more button below to see the full post, otherwise feel free to move along to more interesting stuff!

So I took my last dose of Cytarabine this morning around 6:15 am, which ended about two house later, so I’m all done round 2! I’m feeling pretty good except my lips which are sort of cracked up some and my guts which apparently remain inflamed. In order to give my guts a break they’ve been feeding me through an IV, with a big bag of milky looking stuff called TPN for nutrition. It’s supposed to make me pee a lot. But for now it seems like a waiting game: wait for another week or so for a biopsy to tell us how much (if any) of the cancer remains and then go from there. A third round of chemotherapy if there are still leukemia cells, or I wait for my ANC to rebound to 500 otherwise so its safe for me to go out doors.

I worked on trippygram this morning but due to an error couldn’t load it directly onto my phone, so instead I uploaded it and will share it through TestFlight and hopefully figure out the last few bits I need to change before updating the official app. 

That’s about all for now. Its sounding like I’m going to have a pretty busy weekend with visitors this weekend so that’ll be nice. Some people I haven’t seen in a really long time now.

Anyway, thats all for now.


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