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Russell’s Teapot Necklace

The Celestial Teapot

The eminent British philosopher Bertrand Russell used an analogy to illustrate the concept of the burden of proof and how it applies to religious claims, now often referred to as Russell’s Teapot, (also known as the celestial teapot, and cosmic teapot).

Russell explains that if he were to claim that a china teapot were orbiting the Sun between Earth and Mars, and that this teapot is too small to be detected by our technology (as it would be), then the burden of proof would lie on him to provide evidence of the teapot, not on disbelievers to prove the absence of the teapot.

shiny beads space the eight meteoroids

two styles of teapots, “top handle” and “back handle”

The meteoroids are generated algorithmically, and since they’re 3D printed in stainless steel, each necklace can contain a perfectly unique set of meteoroids. In these photos the teapots were printed in stainless steel with a polished nickel finish, while the meteoroids are the basic stainless steel material.