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Coleoidea Hypoxyphilia

This brass octopus pendant was inspired by a friend’s recounting of a dream in which an octopus was crawling up her leg — the next day she woke up with a cramp in her calf — in this case the creature is trying to heave it’s way up the owner’s chain, grasping it and collecting it together in it’s many appendages.

Each sucker carefully handcrafted…
It’s available for sale on my Shapeways page, where you can also see more pictures and a video of it. I like how much detail it captured, but I think some of the legs are unnatural looking, which irks me a bit.

It was manufactured — 3D printed and then cast — by Shapeways. A chain can be woven through six of the eight legs, with the top and center two legs forming a heart shape.

Level 2

  I’ve been working for a while now on “spherical inversions” of geometric objects — it’s sort of like reflecting an object across the surface of a sphere, with points at infinity swapping places with the center point of the sphere. Below the fold is the first printable (I hope) object of this sort that I’ve made, but it’s an area where I expect to end up with many printable objects.